Anatomy of our logo and name.


Carbon, as we know, is the foundation of all life on Earth. Life cannot exist without it. Its aids in regulating the Earth’s temperature, it’s a major ingredient in our food, and it’s a dominant source of energy to fuel our global economy.

The word Mandal comes from a Sanskrit word Mandala which means ‘circle or cycle of life’. Life on Earth has always been cyclic. We are made of Earth, and we have to go back to Earth at the end. This cyclic structure has preserved our planet for thousands of years, and it is at the core of sustainability management.

The word ‘Carbon Mandal’ represents the sustenance of life. It resonates with our ingrained purpose to sustain the very essence of life—to support People, Planet, and Profit together.



Our logo symbolizes the three-pillars of sustainability—social, economic and environmental, represented by three intersecting circles with our planet at the centre. The Earth at the centre signify’s its importance and its role in the existence of life.

Surrounding the three pillars is the cyclic structure of life, embodied by the four colours— Green, Blue, Yellow, Grey—which stand for different life phases—Birth, Youth, Old age, and Death.

Our logo and name together is a complete reflection of our beliefs and ethos. It’s a representation of the firm’s mission—to be the pathway for environmentally and eco-friendly corporate businesses.

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