What makes a successful startup team?


Roshan Rai

Founder & CEO

Roshan is driven by his passion for his family, friends, work, and the planet. Studious and hardworking, he holds a B.E. degree in mechanical engineering.Determined to turn his passion into his profession, Roshan obtained a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Engineering & Management from Linköping University, Sweden. His Master Thesis, titled “Targeted Recycling: A tool to embrace the circular economy” was primarily focused on Circular Economy.He then worked for Volvo Group, Sweden and subsequently for Forbes Marshall, India in the company’s pilot sustainability projects. Having observed that back home, sustainable solutions and services are obscure, he founded Carbon Mandal.When he is not busy working, you can find Roshan reading non-fiction and practising yoga and grooming his stunning beard.


Bhushan Rai

Co-Founder & CMO

Bhushan has an innate sense of dedication. He leads by example and motivates people around him to do the same. Born and raised in the beautiful Indian countryside and now living in the concrete jungles, he realizes the utmost need for sustainability management.Bhushan holds a B.E in Mechanical Engineering and has over 12 years of experience working in the Safety & Operations Management in the Oil & Gas industry sector.An extrovert with a friendly disposition, he brings the steadiness, practicality, and financial expertise needed for the firm. He is the personification of the ideal person to look up to and provides constant support and guidance to the team.On his off days, you can find Bhushan either on the sports grounds or sipping a hot cuppa and seeking new adventures.