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Carbon footprinting | GHG Accounting

Carbon footprinting/ GHG accounting calculates the amount of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere by particular human activity or all activities combined. Carbon Mandal uses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to provide you with an in-depth report of your product or organisation carbon footprint.


We offer Carbon Footprint Auditing services for product and organisation. Upon completing the service, Carbon Mandal will provide you with a comprehensive report on your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) generation and recommendations to reduce the organisations’ carbon footprint. These reports will help your business take part in Reporting Initiatives- CDP (Carbon Disclosure Program: India), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and promote CSR.


Environmental and Energy Assessment

Carbon Mandal recognises the primary step of any sustainability operation begins with Environmental and Energy Assessment. Our consultants assess the raw material sources, processes involved, logistics and supply chain, consumption and disposal of products, and energy involved or consumed in a product or service’s lifecycle.


It’s crucial to measure and assess the impacts of any particular product or service on the environment because what we cannot measure, we cannot improve.

Environmental Assessment dwells on GHG emissions, ozone depletion, acidification, water footprint, eutrophication, human toxicity levels among many other impact areas. In comparison, Energy Assessment focuses on the measure of the energy involved and the sustainability of energy needs.


Waste Management Solutions

Sustainable societies/businesses of the future need to manage their waste efficiently and effectively. Our experts at Carbon Mandal provide an apt solution for the kind of waste generated at your facility. Successful waste management can generate revenue, conserve energy, reduce the environmental footprint and pollution, and improve your brand image.


Waste management includes the collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage or other waste materials. Carbon Mandal goes a step further and scientifically assesses your waste to find opportunities to implement the 5R strategy and create value from the waste.


Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions focuses on reducing the impact of the human drive to create and invent. The process first involves reducing the energy required, and second, maximising the energy obtained from renewable resources. Carbon Mandal provides its expertise and services by assessing the existing infrastructure, energy demands, consumption patterns and energy flow streams.



It’s pivotal to study the demand loads and patterns, economic feasibility and other parameters before shifting to renewable technologies. Our team brings in its advanced knowledge to support its clients in saving capital, GHG emissions, and energy demands, ensuring our clients’ sustainability growth for the years to come.


Sustainability Reporting and Publications

Sustainability reporting and Publications is a vital medium for communicating sustainability performance and impacts. It allows businesses to consider their effects on a wide range of sustainability issues, thereby allowing them to make better decisions and ultimately resulting in more revenue and a better brand image.


Sustainability reporting is primarily a report about an organization’s environmental and social performance, and it has numerous benefits. It enables companies to learn about possible risks and opportunities. It decreases costs, increases efficiency, guides long-term management strategy and planning, and rescues you from troubled waters due to failed environmental, social, and governance policies.


Circular Economy Solutions

Circular Economy solutions emphasise transforming traditional, unsustainable linear business models towards profitable and environmentally sustainable business models by improving products and raw materials’ circularity. Circular Economy could save and generate companies huge amounts of capital and aid in complying with future legislation implemented with a sustainable concept.


Carbon Mandal studies our client’s company, their products, services and value chain. Identifying the potential areas, we provide our clients with new business plans, models and strategies to increase profitability while improving their environmental performance. We facilitate implementation of strategies such as Product-Service System (PSS), Integrated Product Service Offerings (IPSO), and Waste Circularity Solutions to achieve the objective of circular economy. We will also provide product development guidance to develop sustainable products.


Sustainable Resource Management Solutions

Efficient and sustainable management of resources requires understanding the complexity of the system. Applying system thinking to resource management can profit all the stakeholders and maintain the integrity of the ecosystem. Sustainable Resource Management has numerous benefits, such as identifying opportunities to increase profits and decrease material leakages or wastages.


Reduced environmental footprint is an added advantage.

Furthermore, viewing the material flow in a region/defined boundary from a system perspective will provide more clarity. Carbon Mandal utilises system tools such as Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Substance Flow Analysis (SFA) to offer traditional resources management alternatives


Sustainable Projections, Proposals and Targets

Sustainable Projections, Proposals and Targets are also known as PPTs. Organisations’ operation scale, expansion plan, broaden product & service portfolio, and other business growth operations are considered to implement PPTs strategies. The Environmental and Energy Assessment service will be projected for businesses growth and will be imbibed in the PPTs.


Carbon Mandal ensures short-term as well as long-term assessment on the Sustainable solutions we provide. The clients are provided with short-term as well as long term targets. The targets’ effectiveness is reinforced by projections and proposals offered by our team. Furthermore, using the periodic monitoring feature of Carbon Mandal, the proposals will be revised on the company’s current progress.